A Terminal Illness Primer for Caregivers: Comfort

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Cup and BooksOn the heels of Thanksgiving, it feels like a good time to thank all of the caregivers out there.  For them, there are no three-day weekends, holidays off, or vacations days.  They wouldn’t have it any other way, but there are days when the stress, strain, and emotional, mental, and physical tiredness feel overwhelming.  But there are small things one can do to bring relief and comfort.

My latest chapter in A Terminal Illness Primer for Caregivers is about ways to comfort a loved one and ways to comfort one’s self.  Please click here for the full text.

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  1. I feel calm and cosy after reading your latest instalment. There’s so much love and gentle care in your words, your primer is always beautiful to read. I like your simple ideas for making things that little bit easier for both the loved one and the carer, and I couldn’t help smiling when I saw your last tip for things to eat. :-)

  2. You’re helping so many. Proud to virtually know ya Girl! HUGS ♥

  3. narf77 says:

    What more precious thing to give someone than comfort when they need it?

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