Banana Date Flax Muffin An Unrefined VeganBanana Date Flax Muffin An Unrefined VeganBanana Date Flax Muffin An Unrefined Vegan

Whole Grain Banana-Date-Flax Muffins. Oil- and Sugar-free.

We eat a lot of bananas – at least according to almost every grocery checkout person at our local store.  Between us, Kel and I eat about 3-4 bananas a day. I shop once a …

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Chai Spiced Oat Pie An Unrefined VeganChai Spiced Oat Pie An Unrefined VeganChai Spiced Oat Pie An Unrefined Vegan

Humble Pie: Chai-Spiced Oatmeal Tart with Warm Coconut-Vanilla Sauce

When one is a blogger (and aren’t we all?) sometimes strange ideas come – often while on the treadmill at 6 in the morning. Like, why is it so often the case that in a …

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Tempeh Marbella An Unrefined VeganTempeh Marbella An Unrefined VeganTempeh Marbella An Unrefined Vegan

Tempeh, Date, & Olive Marbella. Oil-free.

The first time I ate this dish – with chicken and prunes instead of tempeh and dates – I was blown away by the flavors from this seemingly strange combination of ingredients.  Prunes and olives?! …

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Gingerbread TartletGingerbread TartletGingerbread Tartlet

Keepin’ It Kind, Cookies, Gingerbread Tartlets, Christmas Morning Bread, & Granola

You probably already know that Kristy at Keepin’ It Kind hosts a wonderful annual Christmas cookie swap where vegan cooks from around the blogosphere share their favorite recipes.  We are deep into 25 days of …

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Sweet Potato Maple Mousse Pie An Unrefined VeganSweet Potato Maple Mousse Pie An Unrefined VeganSweet Potato Maple Mousse Pie An Unrefined Vegan

Sweet Potato Maple Mousse Pie + Eat Well. Party Hard.

‘Tis the season for cozy sweaters, lost mittens, Christmas carol Muzak, and – –  e-books!  Lucky me, I got the early scoop on the upcoming life-and-how-to-live-it guide by Ms. Claire of Eat Well.Party Hard.   And …

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sweet potato apple pie ice creamsweet potato apple pie ice creamsweet potato apple pie ice cream

Sweet Potato Apple Pie Ice Cream (Only On Cowgirls & Collard Greens)

Saddle up and ride on over to Cowgirls & Collard Greens to meet Ms. Kayle Martin and then slurp up my simple, seasonal recipe for Sweet Potato Apple Ice Cream.  While you’re there be sure …

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Vegan MoFo 13: Peanut Butter Creme with Jam Brûlée. Sugar- & Gluten-free.

Here we are at lucky number 13 – just over halfway through MoFo. One of my favorite pre-gan desserts was creme brûlée, so much so that I bought one of those handy-dandy kitchen torches just so …

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Vegan Mofo 11: Peanut Butter & Jelly Blondies. Sugar-free.

We’re more than halfway through this thing, kids!  Are you still with me?   The original for this PB & J take on a the classic blondie appeared at Number 12 on 29 Ways to …

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Vegan MoFo 6: Chocolate-Peanut Butter Smoothie with Strawberry Creme

And so we come to the inevitable (if not enviable) smoothie entry.  The peanut-butter-and-jelly smoothie came in at Numero 7 on - say it with me - 29 Ways to Honor the Glory of Peanut Butter and …

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Oil-free Banana Fig Cakes with Date-Coconut Drizzle

Last week I spotted a gigantic purple fig hiding amongst the leaves in one of our potted plants.  Kel and I watched its progress carefully; we didn’t want to let this one go to the …

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Raw Chocolate Mint Bars An Unrefined VeganRaw Chocolate Mint Bars An Unrefined VeganRaw Chocolate Mint Bars An Unrefined Vegan

Raw Double Chocolate Mint Bars. Sugar-, Oil-, & Gluten-Free.

Among the many fun things about receiving a Vegan Cuts Snack Box each month is that it’s a treasure trove of inspiration.  A lot of the goodies inside are not readily available to me so …

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Granola Pancakes w/ Chocolate Coconut Sauce. Sugar- and Oil-free.

My continuing gluten-free story…over the past few months I’ve been trying out more GF recipes and using different mixes to see how they bake up.  I’ve found that – for me, at least – GF …

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Plum & Mango Tart with Gluten-Free Crust. Sugar-free, Oil-free

The standard pastry crust makes me feel guilty.  Me, the one who snarfed down the cinnamon-sugar coated scraps that my mom baked up after completing an apple pie.  Me, the one who carefully ate around …

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Chai-Chocolate Green Smoothie

My favorite hot beverage transitions right into summer with a cool, creamy version that also features another favorite: chocolate.  Kale included at no extra charge. You’ll need a spoon for this one. Chai-Chocolate Green Smoothie …

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Sunshine Smoothie An Unrefined VeganSunshine Smoothie An Unrefined VeganSunshine Smoothie An Unrefined Vegan

Sunshine Smoothie: Anti-Cancer Superhero

When it comes to smoothies it seems like green gets all of the attention.  Don’t get me wrong, I think a proper green smoothie is a sight to behold, but every once in a while, …

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Hibiscus-Cherry Cooler

For months a friend of mine had been extolling the virtues of a daily cup of hibiscus tea. He told me that drinking it regularly could lower one’s blood pressure and some studies have shown …

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Pear and Parsley Smoothie An Unrefined VeganPear and Parsley Smoothie An Unrefined VeganPear and Parsley Smoothie An Unrefined Vegan

Not-Too-Sweet Pear & Parsley Smoothie

Pear & Parsley sounds like a big American retailer’s idea of a quaint British shop (or should that be shoppe?) opening soon in a mall near you that sells soaps, pretty tea towels and cocktail …

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Vanilla Chai Truffle Cakes (aka Black & White Cakes)

Much more prim and proper than their deep dark chocolate cousins, these vanilla cupcakes with a chai truffle center also pack a less powerful caloric punch.  The cupcake is based on a recipe from The …

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Deep Dark Chocolate Chai Truffle Cakes & The Giveaway Winner

I once worked briefly for an Army Colonel.  He could’ve stepped off of the movie set of Apocalypse Now: tall and wiry with a stiff and graying crew cut, a brisk manner and a lopsided, …

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VeganMoFo: Cranberry-Date Quick “Jam”

Three ingredients (four if you count the water). One small saucepan and about 20 minutes of your time. That’s what I call jammin’ MoFo-style. Cranberry-date Quick “Jam” Makes about 2 cups 1 8 oz. bag …

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Berried Treasures & Portabella Stroganoff: The Unprocessed Giveaway

Life is uncertain.  Eat DESSERT first. – Chef AJ Tip: Excess/leftover blueberry filling and date streusel make an excellent whole-grain cereal topper. Berried Treasures with Macadamia Nut Creme and Portabella Stroganoff from Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and …

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An Unprocessed Recipe: Peanut Butter & Jelly Bites

Thanks to everyone who has left comments and entered the Unprocessed giveaway!  Remember, keep commenting! The more times you comment, the better your chance to win.  And let me tell you, the winner is really …

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Unprocessed: A Review & A Giveaway

You know how it is.  You switch to a plant-based diet and you get educated; you arm yourself with the data that informs your decision to eat healthfully and mindfully.  You read The China Study, …

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Date Ginger Cherry Bars An Unrefined VeganDate Ginger Cherry Bars An Unrefined VeganDate Ginger Cherry Bars An Unrefined Vegan

Other People’s Food (6): Life is Sweet

What to do with that 5-pound behemoth of a zucchini that eerily resembles a lethal weapon wielded by an ogre in a Grimm’s Fairy Tale?  Grate that puppy up and make zucchini bread.  Lots of …

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Tahini-Orange-Date Crumble Cookies

I was immediately intrigued by a recipe for Orange Blossom Tahini Cookies at Savory Simple.  Beautiful little cookies – but what was hooked me was the use of tahini.  I’d only ever used it for …

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I Meant To Do That: Date, Cherry, Walnut & Ginger Crumble

With great enthusiasm I set out one morning to make Build-Your-Own-Energy-Bars, courtesy of Amber Shea Crawley and her cookbook, Practically Raw.  I knew I could bang out a batch of bars, pop them in the …

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Espresso Choffy Shortbread with Dates

If you haven’t met Choffy yet, you might want to check it out.  Choffy is roasted cocoa beans that have been crushed and you brew it like coffee.  It’s my current hot drink of choice.  …

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Maple, Bran & Date Quickbread

The Early Spring issue of The Baking Sheet came in the mail recently and – as usual – it had me primed to tie on the apron and let the flour fly.  But this issue …

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Other People’s Food

This week I’m making recipes solely from blogs I’ve discovered since creating An Unrefined Vegan and I thought I’d share a few here. I loved Fig Newtons as a kid but gave up eating them …

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Yeasted Buckwheat Waffles with Cranberry-Date-Apricot Sauce

If there were an award for Best Aroma While Cooking in the breakfast food category, this is the waffle that would take home that prize.  The ingredient list includes yeast which gives the waffles a …

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