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TEAse Me E-book by Annie Oliverio

TEAse Me: 15 Plant-based Recipes Inspired by The World’s Favorite Recipes

This full-color, photo-packed plant-based, no added oil recipe e-book highlights the versatility of black, matcha, and herbal teas. Breakfast, main dishes, desserts and beverages – they’re all in here. 15 delicious, easy recipes + 1 bonus recipe for my own chai tea blend. Don’t just drink your tea – eat it!

You can purchase a PDF of TEAse Me here.


Good Pasture Cover

Good Pasture: Short & Shorter Stories From Rural Oklahoma

Divided into months, Good Pasture: Short & Shorter Stories from Rural Oklahoma is a compilation of mostly true tales of everyday life on a ranch in the Midwest. It’s all about small towns, dirt roads, coyotes, fields strung with spider webs, memories, dreams, ghost stories, garden failures, and a stray dog that walked out of the woods one day. Most of the stories in Good Pasture first appeared on my short-lived (2011-2012) blog, Dough, Dirt, & Dye. Updated and expanded with essays from 2013-2016, Good Pasture is a thoughtful, introspective, humorous and deeply personal collection.

Purchase the e-book from my shop for $5.99, or get a paperback copy here for $8.99.



Crave Eat Heal Cover  
Crave Eat Heal: Plant-based, Whole Food Recipes to Satisfy Every Appetite
Whether you need something salty, sweet, spicy, comforting, crunchy, or chocolate – indulge all your cravings and give your body the nutrition it needs. With these tantalizing whole food, vegan recipes, like Creamy Thai Carrot Coconut Soup, “Parmesan” Pita Chips, and Chocolate-coated Key Lime Coconut Cream Pie, I give you healthy options, while nourishing your body and satisfying your most demanding cravings.

All recipes are free of animal products, refined sugar, are low in oil (many contain no oil), and are gluten-free or have gluten-free options.

“You know how sometimes you’d like to just grab a book off the shelf to find the exact right food to satisfy a craving? And you want it to be vegan? Now you can! Crave Eat Heal: Plant-based, Whole Food Recipes To Satisfy Every Appetite, cleverly laid out by craving type, is packed with recipes that will please long-time vegans and just may push the veg-curious over into the world of plant-based eating. Filled with whole foods recipes that are good for you – but more importantly plain good – there is something for everyone.”

JL Fields, vegan cook, coach, and consultant and author of Vegan Pressure Cooking: Beans, Grains, and One-Pot Meals in Minutes and co-author of Vegan for Her: The Woman’s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet.

Crave Eat Heal is an innovative cookbook designed to help you satisfy your food cravings while enjoying delicious plant-based recipes. Organized according to craving, from creamy, comfort, and chocolate, to salty, sweet, and spicy, these recipes and accompanying photographs are a feast for all the senses.”

Robin Robertson, bestselling author of Vegan Without Borders, Vegan Planet, One-Dish Vegan, and many more

“No matter what food you are craving, Annie Oliverio has you covered! From salty and sweet to crunchy and everything in between, Crave Eat Heal is full of delicious recipes that are designed to satisfy your cravings in a much healthier way.”

Julie Hasson, author of Vegan Casseroles, Vegan Pizza, Vegan Diner, and more

You can purchase a signed copy of Crave Eat Heal here.


 Crave Eat Heal Outtakes

Crave. Eat. Heal. Outtakes: The E-book Companion to Crave Eat Heal: Plant-based, Whole Food Recipes To Satisfy Every Appetite

This bold and colorful vegan e-cookbook has 16 clean and cruelty-free recipes that tame our most powerful cravings. Just like the hardcover cookbook, Crave Eat Heal, the recipes in Outtakes are free of animal products, refined sugar, are low in oil (many contain no oil), and are gluten-free or have gluten-free options.

You can purchase Crave. Eat. Heal. Outtakes. here.



A Terminal Illness Primer for Caregivers Cover 
A Terminal Illness Primer for Caregivers: Lessons From My Brother’s End-of-Life Journey

Part memoir, part how-to manual, this short, concise but in-depth guidebook for caregivers gently takes the reader from terminal diagnosis through death – covering topics such as interfacing with the medical community, making decisions about treatment, estate planning, completing important medical documents, providing comfort, engaging hospice, and choosing a funeral home – through personal recollection. Based on my experience of caring for my terminally ill brother, this primer is a valuable resource for anyone embarking on their own journey of caregiving for a terminally ill friend or loved one.

You can purchase a PDF version here – or a paper copy via  Amazon.